Reiki Treatment

It is my honor to be considered for your choice as your Reiki practitioner.  My services are reasonably priced so that you can allow your body more time and benefit for the price of a session.

I appreciate the opportunity to provide the respectful, caring and personalized services that will assist your body’s restorative ability.

Health Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a therapy designed for relaxation, relief of anxiety, muscle tension and to clear the mind. The gentle touches of the Reiki therapist will help reduce pain and promote healing with the power of the human touch in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Reiki has been used to treat conditions such as TMJ (more commonly known as lock-jaw), muscle pain, tension, stress, injury healing, pain management and over 60 other medical ailments. In the Western world, there are four different areas or chakras of the body used for treatment. They are the head, body, legs/feet and back, respectively.

Our Reiki session will last between 30 minutes to an hour.

Safety and effectiveness

Reiki treatments are said to be one hundred percent safe; they do not incur any side effects or injuries. There are sensations that are felt, but they are different for different people. Some people experience a sensation of warmth or tingling. Others experience a spirit of relaxation and balance. Depending on the patient, Reiki treatments have been known to show results immediately or over a period of extended time. Make sure that you are going to a certified Reiki Master-Teacher to receive your treatments.

I encourage all clients to consult a physician for serious conditions; Reiki can be used to complement conventional medicine.  Clinical trials have not reported any significant adverse effects from the use of Reiki.

When can I schedule an appointment?
Just pick up the phone and give us a call.
We are located at:
2006 US Hwy 301 S
Wilson, NC 27893
Take time during lunch or after work to revitalize yourself with Reiki stress reduction.  Call now to reserve a regularly scheduled time slot that works for you.  End your day relaxed not fatigued.  Onsite chair massage minimum – 15 minutes.


Rev. Osvaldo Soto

Reiki Master/Teacher                                                                                            Chakra Healer

⦁ Usui Reiki Session (Western Style) – 30 Min.   $30.00 onsite

⦁ Usui Reiki Session (Western Style) – 1 Hr. $60.00 onsite

⦁ Usui Reiki Session (Eastern Style) – 30 Min.   $50.00 onsite

⦁ Usui Reiki Session (Eastern Style) – 1 Hr. $100.00 onsite