Numerology – By the Numbers with Maggie Moon

Friday the 12thNumerology – By the Numbers with Maggie Moon. This class you will be given instruction and handouts in this interactive workshop working with Numerology with regard to our Life Path Number, Soul Number, Power Name, Personality Number, Attitude Number, Destiny Number, Maturity Number, Personal Year Number, and Personal Months. We will look at how Numerology can help us play an active role in our life, looking at compatibility and challenges in relationships and day-to-day events and how we can better work with these vibrations. When we break down our numbers, we can also see past patterns and bring us to a greater understanding and healing.  After the class, I can work with anyone who has questions or be available for readings until 8:00 PM Maggie Lukowski (Maggie Moon Tarot) 919-656-4440 Class at 6:30 to 8 PM  $30.00 per person. Sign up and pay before Friday and save $5.00 or bring a friend and you both pay only $25.00.

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