Sales for April

Rune bags 10% off

Cooking spice blends: buy one get one free (mix and match)

Spiritual bath bags: buy one get one free

Kitchen gadgets: 20% off

(mortar and pestles, cutting boards, graters, tea kettles, etc.)

Spiritual CD’s: 50% Off

Earrings: buy 3 get one free.

7 April Star and Indigo Children

7 New moon

Star and Indigo Children. 6PM $15.00

8 April Game Night!

Game Night 6 PM Meet new people!

Saturday April 23, 9th Annual Earth Day Festival

9th Annual Earth Day Festival                   Saturday April 23

Join us on your 10th anniversary and our 9th Earth Day Festival. Learn all about Earth Day and share the day with local artist; meet new groups; people, grab a bite to eat and sit and enjoy the day. Over 30 vendors and Red Cross, belly dancing, live music with Read more

26 March:Meditation, grounding and centering Class

Meditation, grounding and centering Class:  2PM $10.00

29 March: Family Share

29 March: Family Share: raising your families with open spirituality. Noon free. Discussion.