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Maggie Moon Tarot:

Friday the 12th:  Tarot readings with Maggie Moon Tarot: I am an Endorsed Reader for The Tarot Guild, and a Charter Member of the Gaian Tarot Circle. I am an intuitive Tarot reader and have been reading since the late 1980s. I read for clients online, by phone, email, and in person. I have always found Tarot to be a rich and empowering tool. The art, archetypes, and people you meet in the deck can sometimes be chatty, whisper into our ear, make us laugh, or hold up big signs saying “Pay attention to me.” But in the end, it’s always about our free will and empowerment.  .  I welcome you to come in and meet me and get your cards read.  2to 8 PM

Living Green’s Herbal Course: Classes 3 and 4

Thursday the 11th: Living Green’s Herbal Course: Classes 3 and 4: Learn everything you want to know about herbals, from terms, to how to make your own lotions, from gardening to drying, and using the herbals in everyday life this is a hands on class. This class will include a light vegetable dinner using herbs. Total of 6 classes over 6 weeks. (2 classes an evening every other week.) July 25th. Classes will begin at 6 PM and will last till 9 PM. Bring a 3 ring binder for your class info. Total for entire course is $60.00 sign up and pay early and pay only $50.00. (Each class is
$15.00 if paid by the week.)

Numerology – By the Numbers with Maggie Moon

Friday the 12thNumerology – By the Numbers with Maggie Moon. This class you will be given instruction and handouts in this interactive workshop working with Numerology with regard to our Life Path Number, Soul Number, Power Name, Personality Number, Attitude Number, Destiny Number, Maturity Number, Personal Year Number, and Personal Months. We will look at how Numerology can help us play an active role in our life, looking at compatibility and challenges in relationships and day-to-day events and how we can better work with these vibrations. When we break down our numbers, we can also see past patterns and bring us to a greater understanding and healing.  After the class, I can work with anyone who has questions or be available for readings until 8:00 PM Maggie Lukowski (Maggie Moon Tarot) 919-656-4440 Class at 6:30 to 8 PM  $30.00 per person. Sign up and pay before Friday and save $5.00 or bring a friend and you both pay only $25.00.

Tea Leaf Readings by the Baron

Friday the 5th: Tea Leaf Readings by the Baron. (4 PM to 8 PM) Stop by, make an appointment and come in and get your tea leaves read. Baron Heiden is a generational divination pagan of German/Spanish background. The art was passed to him at an early age; his family matriarchs as a child taught him the interpretation of symbols and signs with their connections to insight. He was a contributing writer for the brief publication “Sacred star journal” under his then craft name Darius Earthfey. It was an enjoyable but brief time teaching divination arts, $20.00 for a full reading.

Candles and Conjurer

Friday the 5th: Candles and Conjurer: 2 PM to 6 PM
Sister Sarah will do bone readings, Hoodoo work and consultations. Come in or  call ahead and make an appointment. Having bad luck? Money troubles? Love issues, job getting you down? Come by and see how Sarah can help you. (
Consultation fee at TU is only $20.00 on Fridays.

Meditation Class

Wednesday the 10th: Meditation Class: Learn an easy way to relax and relieve stress and tension. Meditation also aids in grounding and centering yourself. This class will give you the basics in these and more. $15.00 a person. Student discount $10.00.  6:30 class.