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A day with Jane Webster

Saturday, June 14: A day with Jane Webster: A Shaman Course. Learn all about Shamanism from all over the world. (RSVP 252-237-3800) Classroom and hands on training, and a spiritual blessing. Three full classes in one day and a light lunch. $60.00 for the day. Learn about shamanism, how to pick your totem animal, how to sage, the history of international Shamans and more. 11 to 5PM. Please take the time and read about Jane on her site.  . Sign up early and save $5.00!

Meditation Class. Grounding, Centering and Balancing Class

Thursday June 19th:  Meditation Class. Grounding, Centering and Balancing Class: Learn how to distress, balance your life and get in tuned with yourself.  5:30 PM $15.00

Volunteering at Wilson’s Agricultural Center

Friday June 20th.  Volunteering at Wilson’s Agricultural Center. Join in and spend an hour or so helping keep their gardens crisp and fresh. Learn from Master Gardeners, and have fun. We will also be doing the Spiral walk and meditation for Summer Solstice.  6 PM Free

Learning to use the Ouija board the correct way with Dan

Friday, June 27th:  Learning to use the Ouija board the correct way with Dan. Always afraid of how to use this form of communication because of all of the stories you here? Join us in this first time class to learn the history, know the do’s and don’ts, and hands on about using the board correctly.  6:30 PM $10.00