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Small Business Holiday Shopping:

Small Business Holiday Shopping:

  • Small business needs your help. Shop small businesses are the backbone of our society. Without us, you would have less in your community, no place to hang out, support for your events, and you would not have a place to enjoy your shopping experience.
  • Support your small businesses by joining in classes, 100% customer service, do your holiday shopping here first, by gathering friends and do a road trip special, come on in sip some tea, shop relaxed and stress free, and stay awhile.
  • 1 starts our SBA Rock program. Come in and take a selfie with our painted rock and your favorite item in our store, post it to your page tagging us at @truelyunique and come see the rest at the store to try to win shopping sprees in Wilson.
  • November 25th: SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY: We will open at 10 on Saturday and will have a tote filled with goodies for the first 10 people shopping with us. (with a $20.00 purchase) Small business totes form American Express will be filled with fun goodies and stocking stuffers for the holidays. Anyone making over $100.00 purchase will receive a free gift.
  • Every Saturday in December will be games, puzzles, prizes and plenty of fun at Truely Unique.
  • Shop here to support any of our 30 local artists, make their holidays special also.

Sale items for the month of:


Sales and new merchandise:

·        New silver jewelry is in, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and barrettes.

·        New Alchemy jewelry is displayed and awaiting a new home.

·        New statues, gifts, autumn incense, and tea to see, smell and taste.

·        Alchemy calendars.

·        Herbs are in and shelves are full.

·        Sales: Watch Facebook and Twitter for weekly specials. And so many in-store and weekend sales.

Support your local community businesses.

Helen’s Honey: Local Raw honey sold by jar and by the pound.

Sacred Wood Farms: Garrett and Kate Bishop Smithfield, NC
919-273-4774 910-232-0612, read flyer in the store.

Fashions by Lisa: Designed shirts, capes and cloaks.

We always carry Elderberry Syrup, cold remedy syrup lotions, creams, and tinctures, beard oil, beard cream, hair tonic, wrinkle cream, pain reliever cream, hot flash oil, new herbal salts and sugars. 

Sale items for the month of:



  •  Buy an ounce of tea and get one free. (loose teas only)                                                            
  • New stones and crystals
  • New Belly dancing clothes and shirts and capes by Lisa
  • Tea cups and teapots 25% off
  • New jewelry, copper bracelets and a basket of bracelets.
  • Fairy statues 50% off    
    Every Thursday and Friday in September: with every purchase over $30.00 you will receive coupon card for the Holiday season. (Over $50.00 in savings)            

                        Many in-store and weekend sales.

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What classes are we holding this month?  Check out our Calendar.


What’s Happening this month?

6 January  =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class 6 PM $15.00.

7 January =  Poppets, not just your Grandmother’s dolls. 3 PM  $15.00

10 January =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class 6 PM $15.00.

11 January =   Introduction to Reiki 6 PM $30.00 Reiki 1 will be in February.

12 January =  Make Happiness boxes for the upcoming Chinese New Year.  All Day. Donation accepted.

13 January =  Kindred Spirit Evening. 6 PM. Free. Discussion, Imbolc and the happenings into spring.

14 January =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class.  2 PM $15.00.

14 January =  House Blessing Class 4 PM $15.00

17 January =   Introduction to Reiki 6 PM $30.00 Reiki 1 will be in February.

18 January =  Cold Weather Herbal Class. 6 PM  $15.00

19 January =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class 6 PM $15.00.

20 January =   Introduction to Reiki 6 PM $30.00 Reiki 1 will be in February.

21 January =  Creating and Making incense with Osvaldo. $15.00 supplies included

24 January =  House Blessing Class 6 PM $15.00

25 January =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class 6 PM $15.00.

26 January =  Pre-meeting for the Sacred Woman’s Program. Read below. Questions and answers before the classes. 6PM.

27 January =  New moon magic meditation. The shedding of the past. Opening up for the future. 6 PM free.

January 28th marks the year of the RED FIRE ROOSTER

28 January =  Chinese New Year: Year of the Rooster. Make Happiness boxes for the upcoming Chinese New Year.  All Day. Donation accepted.

28 January =  *Twin Star Hearth

31 January =  Cold Weather Herbal Class. 6 PM  #15.00

*Call for an appointment for Reiki, readings and consultations.*

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What’s Happening this month?

Yule Events

December 4:  Pure Romance Open House! Stop by and get your supplies, and see what they have to offer.

December 10: Juice plus+ noon to 3 PM and December 16th 5 PM to 8 PM: Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap, it offers micro-nutrition and 25,000 phytonutrients back into our bodies using just fruits and vegetables! Juice Plus+ capsules are filled with 30 fruits and vegetables dehydrated at a very low temperature to keep all the nutrients from cooking out. The best part is they have a kids study that helps kids get it for FREE! Also with our complete shakes you can get plant based protein that is naturally low fat, low sugar, low glycemic, gluten free, vegan and NON-GMO. Come join me and learn how Juice Plus+ can make a difference in your life!

December 17th: The Eternal Harvest Church of Wicca cordially invites all friends of Truely Unique to our celebration of Kay Soto. We will be “initiating” Kay as a “First Degree Kitchen Witch” at 3:00. Don’t miss this light-hearted, fun ritual of appreciation for Kay and for all her Kitchen-Witchy ways!

December 17th: Church of the Eternal Harvest: Long before the Grinch, there was the Krampus – a dark, horned figure of mayhem co-celebrated with the traditional St. Nicholas Day in the Alpine regions of Europe. Although sourced deep in old Pagan ways, the Krampus still roams city streets in the country, and he has crossed the ocean to stuff naughty children in sacks and chase mischief-makers here in America! Come learn about the Krampus and his dark brothers in Germanic countries. Learn also about the Goddesses honored in Winter and at Yule: Holle, Holda, Perchta, and more. The illustrated talk will be followed by a ritual celebrating Lady Holda — and we MIGHT have an appearance by Krampus Himself. Have you been bad this year? Guess we’ll find out!   Donations accepted. 5 PM

November 30 to December 4th Wilson Winter Lights: :

See more events on the calendar!