Archive for June 2, 2017

Classes and Events:

Friday June 2th: Meditation, Grounding, & Centering 6 PM

Saturday June 3rd:  Celebration of Life for Sonja Johnson 2 to 4 PM

Sunday June 4th: and 18th.  2 PM. Living Green’s Herbal Course

Thursday June 6th: A Walk at the Wilson Botanical Gardens. Plant Recognition Class. 6 PM

Friday June 9th: Meditation, Grounding, & Centering

Saturday June 10th: Soap Making Class with Deb

Friday June 16th and 17th:  301 Endless Yard Sale

Thursday June 22nd: Meditation, Grounding, & Centering

Friday June 23rd: Gaming Night

Saturday, June 24th: A Day with the Angels and the Saints

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