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Grounding, Centering and Shielding Class

Saturday, July 19th:  Grounding, Centering and Shielding Class. Learn the basics of grounding yourself, centering for balance and shielding energy. 12:20 PM $10.00

Star and Indigo Children

Thursday July 24th: Star and Indigo Children: Learn the importance of these children for our world, Find out the differences between the two and the roles they play. Go through a checklist to see if you have or you are one. Watch a DVD of the only school for these children.  2 hour class. $10.00. 6PM

Reading and Interpretation of your Dreams

Saturday July 26th: Reading and Interpretation of your Dreams with Kimberly: Learn about how individual and the signs of reading your dreams. 2 hour class. $10.00. 1-3PM

Tea Demonstrations

July 5th, July 9th, July 18th, July 22nd, July 25th, July 30, Tea Demonstrations: Making the perfect pitcher of iced tea: come by and learn to make your best tea ever!   Hands on class and free!  Bring a friend!

Meditation Class. Grounding, Centering and Balancing

Thursday July 10th:  Meditation Class. Grounding, Centering and Balancing Class: Learn how to distress, balance your life and get in tuned with yourself.  5:30 PM $15.00

Volunteering at Wilson’s Agricultural Center

Friday July 11th.  Volunteering at Wilson’s Agricultural Center. Join in and spend an hour or so helping keep their gardens crisp and fresh. Learn from Master Gardeners, and have fun. We will also be doing the Spiral walk and full moon meditation. 6 PM Free