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The Central NC Pagan Pride Days Festival 2015

The Central Pagan Pride Day is just around the corner, click here for a copy of the flyer.  PPR-Flyer-2015 (1) Now that you have a copy of the flyer pass it around in your community. Read more

Herbal Course

The Herbal Course has room for 3 more students:
7 classes in 3 months, herbal book and supplies included.
*** Living Green’s Herbal Course: Read more

Make your own Sage Bundle

4 Sept – Make your own Sage Bundle 4 to 7 PM $6.00

The Reiki Troupe

5 Sept – The Reiki Troupe will have a Reiki Open House and Reiki sessions every first Saturday. Meet and Greet. Sessions Noon to 4 PM, Learn more what Reiki is all about and its health benefits.

Meditation, grounding and centering class

11 Sept – Meditation, grounding and centering class . If you are stressed, have a hard time slleping or relaxing, feeling funky, meditation can help.  This is a good refresher class as well as a class that will teach you the basics. 6 PM $15.00

Divination Day

12 Sept – Divination Day All readings are $10.00 Make an appointment or stop in. noon to 4 PM