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What’s going on at Truely Unique

First of all, Osvaldo and I want to thank you for your cards, donations, prayers, and blessings while Osvaldo went through his surgeries. He is home now and will take up to a year recovering and learning to walk again. There may be times we must close the store, but we will post it on Facebook before we do.  We also want to thank all who came in and helped us out. We couldn’t have done this without you. A special thank you goes out to our Quincy who worked day after day keeping up with everything in the store and doing it with her helper Lillith. She deserves a well needed rest.  We thank you Maliki and Quincy for painting our bathroom. Next will be the floor.

Osvaldo and I want to thank all of you for shopping with us during the holiday season. We have already ordered lots of candles and have ordered Alchemy. We will be ordering stones and magical supplies this weekend, as well as herbs by the end of the month. We have new jewelry in and in store sales. Get your homemade cocoa before we are out for the year.  This month we will not hold many classes but will start in February.  Look at some of the new classes we are offering.

Watch Facebook and Twitter for events and sales!  Stop by and see us for that perfect Valentines Gift. We have homemade cocoa for sale for those cold days. We now show and sell Starwise Creation Art.  as well as many other local artists’ wares.

Starting in March, we will open up one Sunday every other month for a Community Round Table. This will be a place to share topics, ideas, meet others, and join in for community fun and pot luck luncheon.

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