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Advance Runes with Sola

December 11th Advance Runes with Sola: Class 2 of 3 Now that you have learned the basic of Runes and are ready to start using in in more advance and magical ways, attend these classes to become well advanced in your daily life with runes. $10.00

Local Artist Day

Saturday December 13th: Local artist will be here to show their wares.  Meet Kristen J Peters;CHHP, Aromatherapist, Reiki Channel and Simply D’ Liteful will also be here.

Movie and Game Night

Friday, January 2nd: Movie and Game Night: Every fall and winter we gather to socialize and have fun, a great way to keep in touch or meet new people. Starts at 5 PM till past 8 PM. Come early, or late, it runs all evening!

Meditation, relaxing for the holidays

Tuesday, December 23rd: Meditation, relaxing for the holidays. Class and Meditation. Those of you that have gone to this class before, you are always welcome to join in on the meditation at 6 PM. $10.00.

Minion Christmas Party

Saturday, December 20th: Minion Christmas Party! 4 PM   bring a dish and RSVP 

Herbal Cold Remedies

Wednesday, December 17th Herbal Cold Remedies: Learn which herbals help during the cold season and how to make your own teas and cough syrups. Herbal class: 5 PM $15.00