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Our tea of the month is Autumn Harvest tea and our incense is Cherry Bomb.

This month: Our tea of the month is Autumn Harvest tea and our incense is Cherry Bomb.  Sign up for out Tea and or Incense of the Month Club. If you want our tea or incense of the month even when you cannot make it to the store.



This fall we will be closing Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 5 PM so we can go back to school.

We have over 40 local artists showing their wares here! Support your local artist.

If you have something to advertise, announce, or want to add a blurb to the newsletter, email us and give us the information. (We do not just pull from one site to ours; you will need you to type it out and email us the full info.)

Grand Opening of Truely Unique 2

Grand Opening of Truely Unique 2 at Sweet Maria’s Bistro and Bakery

An Herbal and Tea Boutique

Saturday, September 7, 2013       at 415 West Nash Street, Wilson NC. 27893

 Celebrate with us at our official opening with cake, samples, demonstrations, door prizes, music, entertainment, and plenty of sales. See why we are your first stop for your gift shopping for your family, your friends, and yourself. Read more



What is happening: Our annual visit from our favorite stone and rock salesman from Brazil is coming to North Carolina in two weeks.  He only shows up one time a year and he offers the best selection of stones handpicked by us for you!

What This Means: We will receive thousands of stones and rocks from Brazil and from his collection at the big trade shows.  We will pick from small chips to museum quality and size stones and everything in between. In the past we have purchased: Melody 7 chakra stone, many types of quartz’s including tangerine and deep smoky, one carat cut topaz, citrines, and rubies, angel stones, feldspar, tourmaline, and many many more.

What you can do: Buy gift Certificates from us, in person, by the phone, this will help us buy more stones and you a chance to get a private showing and choose the stones you want before we put them out on the shelves.

What we give you: Buy a gift certificate from us; give us a list of some of the stones you would like. We will do our best to find you the perfect stones for you. We will then have private showings of the stones and your price for the stones will be only 25% above cost when you purchase a gift certificate from us beforehand. If you do not spend all of your gift certificate on stones, no worries, you can use it for anything in the store. (But that has never happen yet.)

So come in and or call us and buy your gift certificate by September 3rd.

We will hold your certificate until you come in and get it. Last year over 40 certificates were purchased and many did not get enough on the certificate to cover their purchases. So calls today do not let it slip by for another year.  Thank you for supporting our local business.

Reiki Gathering

Thursday the 26th:  Reiki Gathering: 6 PM: Reiki Practitioners gathering together to share educational topics and tips.  Each month is a new topic and led by another person. Share ideas and information. At the beginning of each gathering is a meditation. Light dinner will be served. This is a free event.

Raleigh Pagan Pride Day!

Raleigh Pagan Pride Day!  Join us September 21st and 22nd at the Raleigh State Fairgrounds for the best event of the year!  Remember to send us your herbal order before the event, so we can fill it and take it to you at PPD.   Send us your herbal orders by September 18th so we may take them to you at Raleigh PPD.  We will be closed Friday the 21st at 4 Pm and all day Saturday.