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(Rescheduled) Meditation, grounding and centering class

(Rescheduled)Meditation, grounding and centering class

From: Sat, March 28, 3pm – 5pm

To: Fri, April 3, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Thank you Dancing Moon

Thank you Dancing Moon for carrying some of our teas and incense, I see we are already selling out.

Other news:

Other news:

We have 15 students in our herbal course. Looking forward to the fun classes and making potions with them. Congratulations on your venture ahead. Read more

What is going on this month!

Email us or call on any questions or other information of the events and classes. And as always please RSVP.


5: Herbal course class 4: 6 PM

6: Movie and game night. 6pm Free bring a dish to share.

7: Simple steps to get back to your spiritual awareness with Osvaldo. 1 PM $10.00

7: House Blessing class. 3 PM $10.00

10: Make up classes for herbal course 6 PM

11: Play Hooky Day: A day visiting museums, or shopping day, call if you want to come along.

12: Stitch and Witch Evening 6pm free

13: Meditation, grounding and centering class 6 PM $15.00.

14 Kindred Spirits: An afternoon of sharing ideas, topics and just plain fun. Topic: Crystals and stones, 3PM free

18: Make up classes for herb course: call to set time. One starts at 2

19: Herbal course class 5: 6 PM

20: New Moon meditation and offering. 6pm. Donation of food or money for food.

21: Candle magic 1PM $10.00

21: Making your own doll for magical use. $20.00 3 PM     Go to both classes for $25.00

27: Reiki Gathering. For all of the practitioners’ who want to learn more and share knowledge. Social. 6 pm free

28: Meditation, grounding and centering class. 3 PM $15.00

28: Earth Hour 8:30 PM Turn off your lights/power for one hour. Learn more at

Our tea and incense of the month are: Chakra tea and Ying Yang Incense.


If you haven’t been here lately; we have Jack (from Nightmare before Christmas) on the door from Halloween, we have been dressing him up for each holiday, stop in and see our leprechaun Jack.  We have many new items in the store this month. Stop in for some tea and see what we may have for you.

Other News

Darlene; we congratulate on your retirement.

Have you seen the classes and events at Thaumaturgy 777 in Durham?

We will miss Julia Newton Jewelry; it was one of my weekly stops on errand day, good luck on your new ventures.

Kristen, we love your angel sprays, and Deb has a wonderful assortment of new soaps in.

Misty is gone this weekend on an herbal conference in Florida and we will see new teas and goodies soon from her in the store.