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Chocolate Fest

Feb.9: Chocolate Fest: Make up and create your favorite chocolate culinary delight and enter it in our annual Chocolate fest. Each entry will be judged by recipe, taste, appearance and of course the people’s choice. Call and email us your recipe and bring your chocolate delights Sunday. Prizes for all and the 3 top winners will win more.
For those who love chocolate…….Come by and be tasters,. All those donating $5.00 will get to take home chocolate goodies. ( All donations will go to prizes) Drop a note below with your chocolate creation. All entries must RSVP with recipe by Feb 8th

Practice Random Acts of Kindness week

Feb.11: Practice Random Acts of Kindness week. All purchases today will be 20% off with can goods brought in for other needy families

Valentine’s Day

Feb.14: Valentine’s Day: Full Moon Celebration, 6:30 PM (We will also have a memorial of all those we lost over the last few months.)

Full Moon 6:53 PM

Feb.15 Saturday Pot luck Special.

Saturday Pot luck Special. Bring a dish, and stop by to socialize and meet others. Noon to 5 PM.  Games, discussions.

Self Esteem class

Feb.19, 20 and 21 Self Esteem class, each evening 6PM $10.00

Feb.22: Self Esteem class 3PM $10.00