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Crystals 103, Programming

Friday the 28th: Crystals 103, Programming – Learn how to program a crystal with specific spiritual and magical intent. We’ll discuss the best methods for different crystals as well as how to “read” a stone, and try out some exercises to help you feel crystal energy. $15.00 a person. 6 PM

Crystals 104, Crystal Magic

Friday the 28th: Crystals 104, Crystal Magic – This lesson is all about crystals used in religious ceremonies and spells, ranging from good luck charms to love potions. Find the metaphysical properties of each stone, and learn how to craft a crystal based spell. . $15.00. RSVP and pay for both classes and attend both for $20.00. 730 PM

Living Green’s Herbal Course in one day

Special Event: Sunday June 30 from 11 AM to 6 PM Living Green’s Herbal Course in one day.  Take all 6 classes in one day for all you busy and out of town people this class is perfect. Plan a group outing and take this course. (See above for more info) Total for entire course is $60.00 sign up and pay early and pay only $50.00.  Lunch will be provided.

Tea Leaf Readings by the Baron

Friday the 7thTea Leaf Readings by the Baron. 4 PM to 8 PM Stop by, make an appointment and come in to get your tea leaves read. Baron Heiden is a generational divination pagan of German/Spanish background. The art was passed to him at an Read more

Candles and Conjurer

Every Friday (2 PM to 6 PM) Sister Sarah will do bone readings, Hoodoo work and consultations. Come in or call ahead and make an appointment. Having bad luck? Money troubles? Love issues, job getting you down? Come by and see how Sarah can help you. Consultation fee at TU only $20.00 on Fridays.

Meditation Class

Wednesday the 5th: Meditation Class: Learn an easy way to relax and relieve stress and tension. Meditation also aids in grounding and centering yourself. This class will give you the basics in these and more. $15.00 a person. Student discount $10.00.  4:30 and 6:30 classes.