Archive for July 31, 2015

Reiki Open House

1 Aug The Reiki Troupe will have a Reiki Open House and Reiki sessions every first Saturday. Meet and Greet. Sessions noon to 4 PM

Meditation, grounding and centering class

7 Aug Meditation, grounding and centering class 6 PM $15.00

Tarot Reading

8 Aug Tarot Reading: all day with Frankie and her spiritual Rune cards and by Living Green.  No appointment needed. $10.00.

Herbal Chat and Gathering

14 Aug Herbal Chat and Gathering: Sharing information and knowledge of all herbals. 6 PM.  Bring a dish to share and a recipe.

Reiki Gathering

23 July Reiki Gathering. For all of the practitioners’ who want to learn more and share knowledge.  6 PM free

Angel Class and aromatherapy

25 July Angel Class and aromatherapy with guest speaker Kristen Peters. Kristen Peters will instruct us on Angels, how to work with them, and show you her line of aromatic Angel sprays and other products. $10.00 2 PM

Please rsvp.