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Saturday Shopping Games and goodies Fair

Saturday, December 19, 20th: Saturday Shopping Games and goodies Fair..  Shop relaxed and find fun in shopping. Local artist will be here to show their wares, All day

Yule/ Winter Solstice Circle

Yule / Winter Solstice Circle 6 PM All are welcome!

Divination Day

Sunday December 14th: Divination Day: All day we will have a variety of readers here for you to meet and to do mini reading for you! Learn what is in store for you for next year. ( We are in need of 2 more readers.)

Christmas/ Yule Cookie exchange

Sunday December 14th: Christmas/ Yule Cookie exchange: If you did not sign up this year, remember we do this every year. You can be added for next year.  We made cookies to exchange and to send to two military families.