July 14th and July 28th: All about herbs! Herbal Course

July 14th and July 28th: All about herbs! Herbal Course: In this course we will teach you the basics to learn and incorporate in your life any and all herbs of your choosing.  We will start with the basics and introduce you to the plants themselves, and show you many ways to work with them on a daily basis. This will be the first in a path to healthy herbal living and hopefully a lifetime of growth and happiness with herbals.


This course consists of six classes in twelve weeks. We will have 2 hands on classes where you will be making your own creations.  We will supply the basic herbs and ingredients with the course, and you will be given a discount on any other herbals including jars and oils, during the course. This 10% discount will be good until you receive your herbal certificate. Upon completion of this course you will receive a discount for bulk items. (Anything over 6 ounces at a time) Course fee for all of the classes are $100.00 made in one or two payments.

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