June 18: Church of the Eternal Harvest presents

June 18: Church of the Eternal Harvest presents: “Urglaawe is Heathenry practiced through the lens of the Pennsylvania German immigrant culture. The German/Swiss religious refugees of the 1700s, although Christian, retained and brought over many folk practices that were direct Heathen survivals: stories, healing, herb lore, farming, weather, and what we would call “magic.” The Goddess Holle is a key figure in Urglaawe, along with other Germanic Deities. The talk will lead into a ritual.”

Rune Readings with Magister Gaelan Firestorm call for an appointment or come in.  Reading’s monies go to local animal shelters. Average donation’s is $20.00 or bring in large bags of dog or cat foods, will be announced on Facebook.

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