Sales for the Month:

We have so much for Valentine’s Day with over 40 local artists showing their wares here!

Beautiful jewelry knitted and crochets wares, clothes, soaps and lotions and more.

Love kits: How to find your Soul Mate and How to spice up your life kits are on sale!

Regular $15.00 sale $10.00

February 1 to the 14th:

Spend $25.00 in our store and you may also purchase a statue at 50% off.

(Additional $25.00 does not include the statue at 50%)

Tarot Cards are 10% off this month (new cards are arriving next week)

Athames, books, altar items, pendulums and more will also be in next week.

Selected jewelry on sale!

Have you held and seen the Hindu Meditation Beads. They are a strand of large rubies. We also had emeralds, and sapphires. We will get them every so often this year. Come in to hold them and feel the energy.

 We are extending our Road Trip special: Bring 4 or more people and spend a total of $125.00 between all of you, You will receive a $10.00 Gift Certificate for the driver or organizer of the road trip.

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