What’s Happening this month?

November 2nd: All Souls Day Cemetery Walk and class 2 PM $10.00

November 11: Christian Witchery Class with Amanda $10.00. 6 PM

November 11th and 18th: Onyx Quick Silver will be here for readings. 4 PM to 8 PM From $10.00 to $30.00

November 12th: Incense making class. Noon $15.00 all materials included.

November 12th: Kybalion. The Hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece? A monthly study group: The second Saturday of every month. Cindy (Mermaid Morrigan) would like to start and lead this group. Don’t worry about not starting at the beginning. Stop by and join in.

November 17th: Hula Hooping with Amber! Hula Hooping is beneficial in so many aspects. The Benefits are like the circle itself; never ending. Hula Hooping is an ever-expanding art form used and loved by many for such a wide variety of purposes such as fitness, entertainment, therapy, fun, and spirituality. Many only know Hula Hooping as around the waist, but it goes so much deeper. In these classes, I will not only teach you how to waist hoop, but will go over a variety of tricks for this beautiful art and dance. There is no right way to hoop. Come and have fun with us and learn to hoop. Lose yourself in the sacred circle. June 9th and the 23rd. and July 8th at 6 PM Classes $15.00 all supplies are provided.



November 18th : Belly Dancing Demonstration (6PM) and Clothes Sale buy one get one for 25% off.

November 18th : Onyx Quick Silver will be here for readings. 4 PM to 8 PM

November 19th:  Pure Romance Open House! Stop by and get your supplies, and see what they have to offer.  http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pureromance.com%2Fshop%3FpartyId%3D1022163&h=jAQHQjTbe

November 26th: Small Business Saturday, Support your small businesses. Shop local shop local artist. Sales throughout the store.

November 29th: New Moon Mediation 6PM Free.

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