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The Yule Season is among us. It doesn’t matter if you say Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Blessed Kwanza, Happy Hanukah, they all have common roots. This is the time of year to remember why you are so blessed, and to share happiness and love with the rest of the world.

We are open Sunday’s in December! We hope you stop by to find a few gifts and getting your holiday herbs from us this season. Read more

10 Sept: The Kybalion

10 Sept: The Kybalion; A class and study group with Cindy Rhodes. 2 PM

Yard Sale noon to 5 PM

Store Closed For PPD

Store Will be closed on 17 – 19 of September 2016 for PPD. Come visit us there.  Visit for more information.

24 Sept: Candle Magic and Star and Indigo Children

24 Sept Candle Magic 2 PM $15.00
24 Sept Star and Indigo Children 4 PM $15.00

August 13th: 2 PM, Kybalion:

August 13th: 2 PM, Kybalion: The Hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece?  Read more

July Drawing: We have the winners!

July Drawing: We have the winners!

Mr. Newsome: $100.00 gift Certificate,
Freda B: A statue of your choice.
Cindy R: An embroidered bag.
Nina C: An herbal gift basket.
Jennifer Full size tapestry.
Kali G: A crystal ball.
Robert: Sabbat oils and incense for the year.
Ben Smith: A membership to the tea of the month club.