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Classes and Events:

Friday June 2th: Meditation, Grounding, & Centering 6 PM

Saturday June 3rd:  Celebration of Life for Sonja Johnson 2 to 4 PM

Sunday June 4th: and 18th.  2 PM. Living Green’s Herbal Course

Thursday June 6th: A Walk at the Wilson Botanical Gardens. Plant Recognition Class. 6 PM

Friday June 9th: Meditation, Grounding, & Centering

Saturday June 10th: Soap Making Class with Deb

Friday June 16th and 17th:  301 Endless Yard Sale

Thursday June 22nd: Meditation, Grounding, & Centering

Friday June 23rd: Gaming Night

Saturday, June 24th: A Day with the Angels and the Saints

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Classes and Events for April

April 8,Saturday: Candle magic and working with candles. Learn how to make candles work better for you. 2 PM $15.00

April 13, Thursday: Meditation, Grounding, & Centering. Learn to de-stress your life and find a relaxing place to go within. 6PM $15.00

April 14th, Friday: Self-esteem and self-worth discussion. Learn the easy ways to be happy with yourself and your life. See how being positive works in your favor. Donation: 6 PM

April 11 thru the 15th: Toad Song Farm will bring in the plants for sale the week of April 11 thru the 15th. They will be here all month.

Sign up for Living Green’s Herbal Course in May by April 19th. Classes start in May. In this course we will teach you the basics to learn and incorporate in your life any and all herbs of your choosing. We will start with the basics and introduce you to the plants themselves, and show you many ways to work with them on a daily basis. This will be the first in a path to healthy herbal living and hopefully a lifetime of growth and happiness with herbals.

This course consists of six classes in twelve weeks. We will have 3 hands on classes where you will be making your own creations. We will supply the basic herbs and ingredients with the course, and you will be given a discount on any other herbals including jars and oils, during the course. This 10% discount will be good until you receive your herbal certificate. Upon completion of this course you will receive a discount for bulk items. (Anything over 6 ounces at a time) Course fee for all of the classes are $125.00 made in one or two payments. If you already signed up I will be contacting you.

April 20th, Sacred Woman program

April 22nd, Saturday: 11th Annual Earth Day Festival: Local Artist, venders, local groups, sign up early to be included in the advertising. Email me your business name, or group name, and what you are offering. Bring your own table and chairs, tents and what you need. This year’s cost is $25.00 or groups offering information is still free. Please share and pass around. See below.

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What’s Happening this month?

6 January  =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class 6 PM $15.00.

7 January =  Poppets, not just your Grandmother’s dolls. 3 PM  $15.00

10 January =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class 6 PM $15.00.

11 January =   Introduction to Reiki 6 PM $30.00 Reiki 1 will be in February.

12 January =  Make Happiness boxes for the upcoming Chinese New Year.  All Day. Donation accepted.

13 January =  Kindred Spirit Evening. 6 PM. Free. Discussion, Imbolc and the happenings into spring.

14 January =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class.  2 PM $15.00.

14 January =  House Blessing Class 4 PM $15.00

17 January =   Introduction to Reiki 6 PM $30.00 Reiki 1 will be in February.

18 January =  Cold Weather Herbal Class. 6 PM  $15.00

19 January =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class 6 PM $15.00.

20 January =   Introduction to Reiki 6 PM $30.00 Reiki 1 will be in February.

21 January =  Creating and Making incense with Osvaldo. $15.00 supplies included

24 January =  House Blessing Class 6 PM $15.00

25 January =  Grounding, Centering and Meditation class 6 PM $15.00.

26 January =  Pre-meeting for the Sacred Woman’s Program. Read below. Questions and answers before the classes. 6PM.

27 January =  New moon magic meditation. The shedding of the past. Opening up for the future. 6 PM free.

January 28th marks the year of the RED FIRE ROOSTER

28 January =  Chinese New Year: Year of the Rooster. Make Happiness boxes for the upcoming Chinese New Year.  All Day. Donation accepted.

28 January =  *Twin Star Hearth

31 January =  Cold Weather Herbal Class. 6 PM  #15.00

*Call for an appointment for Reiki, readings and consultations.*

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What’s Happening this month?

Yule Events

December 4:  Pure Romance Open House! Stop by and get your supplies, and see what they have to offer.

December 10: Juice plus+ noon to 3 PM and December 16th 5 PM to 8 PM: Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap, it offers micro-nutrition and 25,000 phytonutrients back into our bodies using just fruits and vegetables! Juice Plus+ capsules are filled with 30 fruits and vegetables dehydrated at a very low temperature to keep all the nutrients from cooking out. The best part is they have a kids study that helps kids get it for FREE! Also with our complete shakes you can get plant based protein that is naturally low fat, low sugar, low glycemic, gluten free, vegan and NON-GMO. Come join me and learn how Juice Plus+ can make a difference in your life!

December 17th: The Eternal Harvest Church of Wicca cordially invites all friends of Truely Unique to our celebration of Kay Soto. We will be “initiating” Kay as a “First Degree Kitchen Witch” at 3:00. Don’t miss this light-hearted, fun ritual of appreciation for Kay and for all her Kitchen-Witchy ways!

December 17th: Church of the Eternal Harvest: Long before the Grinch, there was the Krampus – a dark, horned figure of mayhem co-celebrated with the traditional St. Nicholas Day in the Alpine regions of Europe. Although sourced deep in old Pagan ways, the Krampus still roams city streets in the country, and he has crossed the ocean to stuff naughty children in sacks and chase mischief-makers here in America! Come learn about the Krampus and his dark brothers in Germanic countries. Learn also about the Goddesses honored in Winter and at Yule: Holle, Holda, Perchta, and more. The illustrated talk will be followed by a ritual celebrating Lady Holda — and we MIGHT have an appearance by Krampus Himself. Have you been bad this year? Guess we’ll find out!   Donations accepted. 5 PM

November 30 to December 4th Wilson Winter Lights: :

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What’s Happening this month?

November 2nd: All Souls Day Cemetery Walk and class 2 PM $10.00

November 11: Christian Witchery Class with Amanda $10.00. 6 PM

November 11th and 18th: Onyx Quick Silver will be here for readings. 4 PM to 8 PM From $10.00 to $30.00

November 12th: Incense making class. Noon $15.00 all materials included.

November 12th: Kybalion. The Hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece? A monthly study group: The second Saturday of every month. Cindy (Mermaid Morrigan) would like to start and lead this group. Don’t worry about not starting at the beginning. Stop by and join in.

November 17th: Hula Hooping with Amber! Hula Hooping is beneficial in so many aspects. The Benefits are like the circle itself; never ending. Hula Hooping is an ever-expanding art form used and loved by many for such a wide variety of purposes such as fitness, entertainment, therapy, fun, and spirituality. Many only know Hula Hooping as around the waist, but it goes so much deeper. In these classes, I will not only teach you how to waist hoop, but will go over a variety of tricks for this beautiful art and dance. There is no right way to hoop. Come and have fun with us and learn to hoop. Lose yourself in the sacred circle. June 9th and the 23rd. and July 8th at 6 PM Classes $15.00 all supplies are provided.

November 18th : Belly Dancing Demonstration (6PM) and Clothes Sale buy one get one for 25% off.

November 18th : Onyx Quick Silver will be here for readings. 4 PM to 8 PM

November 19th:  Pure Romance Open House! Stop by and get your supplies, and see what they have to offer.

November 26th: Small Business Saturday, Support your small businesses. Shop local shop local artist. Sales throughout the store.

November 29th: New Moon Mediation 6PM Free.

See more events on the calendar!


Did you know?

The Yule Season is among us. It doesn’t matter if you say Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Blessed Kwanza, Happy Hanukah, they all have common roots. This is the time of year to remember why you are so blessed, and to share happiness and love with the rest of the world.

We are open Sunday’s in December! We hope you stop by to find a few gifts and getting your holiday herbs from us this season. Read more