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Top 5 reasons why to visit Truely Unique this holiday season

5. Shop in a friendly, no rushed, safe environment where customer service is the best and we treat each and every person with respect.

4. We offer the best prices, lower than the big box stores. We also offer sales and games to get free items and added discounts on all of our products.

3. Where else can you sit and relax, drink some tea or mulled cider and get a bite to eat while shopping.

2. We have one of a kind gift for your entire family, and we can also help you choose the best gift and wrap it for you. Read more

Incense of the Month Club And/Or Gourmet Tea of the Month Club

Looking for a gift that last all year?

What about our:

 Incense of the Month Club And/Or Gourmet Tea of the Month Club

Do you miss out on our truly unique special blends of tea and incense some months because you cannot stop by? Well we have a solution for you; just join our Incense and Tea of the month club. We will make sure that you get that truly unique and wonderful tea and or incense that you enjoy so much.

 So how are we going to do this for you? Here is how it works:

If you want the Gourmet Tea of the Month: Then you will receive 2 or 3 ounces of our monthly tea made especially for you and we will hold it for you until you pick it up; (Or for an added fee, we can mail it to you). That’s not all as an added bonus, you will receive an extra gifts every quarter (that is 4 times a year; a free gift for you to enjoy.) Read more